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    Why we LOVE traveling Welcome to my first attempt at Blogging! I thought the first topic I would write about would be to try to define why we love traveling and why there is a void in our gut while we stay home. I also wanted to say a few words about what went into the creation of my new website. 2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us, in just about every aspect of our lives. For those of us in the travel industry, it has been a time for creatively reimagining our business. After all the rebooking and cancelations, I had time to reflect on why so many of us feel the need to travel, why is it that travel is my biggest passion and how I was going to cope with not being able to go far afield this year? For me it has been an extremely long practice of patience to stay home. While contemplating why we love to travel, I spent a lot of time identifying travel options that would deliver the unique experiences we crave, while offering more security for the health and safety of my clients. I spent several months of this down-time creating an entirely new website featuring travel options that I hope will appeal to my clients and bring in new clients. This work kept my mind on my travel business, encouraged me to study, and acquire new specialty designations within travel options I had not focused on before. Best of all, doing all the research and writing allowed me to travel in my mind. To live vicariously thru the words and pictures I chose. I hope you will check out my website to explore those options in more detail https://arrowdiscoverytravel.com. I am also starting this Blog, to keep my clients up to date on new offerings, trends and reflections on travel. I encourage you to comment on the posts and let me know what you would like to read about. Please share any posts you think your friends and family might enjoy. For this post, tell us what you love the most about traveling and where you want to go next. I am new at Blogging, so your feedback and input will really help me figure out what type of information you value.  So why do so many of us not only love to travel, but NEED to travel? There are many reasons. This is a good time to share some of my favorite travel quotes          1.  Traveling changes us. Every time we go somewhere new or even revisit a favorite place, we experience new things and make new memories We learn more about a culture or experience nature in a new way, from a different perspective We build on the knowledge we have We create new shared memories with spouses, friends, and family. As we learn and experience more, we add that information to our current selves and have a larger frame of reference We become MORE 2. Travel takes us out of our routine and opens our minds. We learn to be spontaneous and go with the flow We learn patience. If something doesn't work out as we planned, we do something else that might end up being a cherished experience It teaches us to think creatively and adapt to the here and now 3. We learn to make lemonade out of lemons. A wrong turn takes us to a local market or parade celebrating something we don’t even know about We find off the map places that have enduring charm and warm our hearts We develop a sense of humor, because the mishaps of today, will be the funny stories we tell when we get home 4. We learn to appreciate the little things. A cool breeze on a sunny day The local that tries to help us find our way A bottle of wine in a café with a stunning view Discovering an awesome local food The love of our spouse who puts up with our idiosyncrasies and does what we need to make sure we have fun or to brighten our day 5. We learn to smile and how far being nice will take us. We learn a smile given is a smile returned How being nice is results in unexpected favors 6. We meet the locals and witness their kindness A shop keeper that spends an hour helping us find the perfect gift The hotel maître d who tells us where the locals eat The bus driver that makes sure we don't miss our stop and tells us when and where to catch the return bus The waiter or restaurant owner who becomes our friend Our private tour guide who bends over backwards to make our tour exceptional The Vintner who shares his wine shows us his vineyard and tell us his family's story Our taxi driver who volunteers to show us around for a great price The staff at our tented camp on safari, who provide every luxury we could ask for and makes sure we have everything we need, before we know we need it Our safari guide who teaches us the Swahili words to the song Hakuna Mata, which we sing over and over hoping to remember 7. We learn to make friends with strangers The lovely couple from our tour group that is staying at our hotel or is from our hometown, or is from halfway across the globe, but we click and hang out together, maybe becoming lifelong friends. The guy next to us at the local bar that tells us about local places or events we didn't know about 8. We become strong and self-assured. We learn we are capable of going somewhere new and making our way We learn confidence, independence and freedom We acquire problem-solving skills and learn that we can overcome difficult situations and we can make new friends 9. We learn to value experiences over things. We learn about different cultures, how we are different, how we are the same and why. We learn to like new food, new fashion, new customs, a few phrases of a new language, a history we didn't really appreciate and most of all new people who we come to love. 10. In short, we become MORE.       What do you love the most about traveling? What are your favorite travel memories? Where do you want to go next? I hope you are inspired to start planning your next adventure! Contact me janet@arrowdiscoverytravel.com 954-525-7753 Office 954-600-2555 Cell.    


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